Full List of Donora Smog Victims

Full List of Donora Smog Victims

After extensive research, I am proud to announce the complete list of victims of the Donora smog and their ages, in alphabetical order by last name and with the correct spelling for each. I don’t expect anything here to change from now until my book on the smog publishes.

  • Ivan Ceh, 69
  • Barbara Chinchar, 55
  • Taylor Circle, 81
  • John Cunningham, 63
  • Bernardo Di Sanza, 67
  • Michael Dorincz, 84
  • William Gardner, 66
  • Susan Gnora, 62
  • Milton Elmer Hall, 52
  • Emma Hobbs, 55
  • Ignace Hollowiti, 64
  • George Hvizdak, 52
  • Jane (Jeanie) L. Kirkwood, 67
  • Marcel Kraska, 65
  • Andrew Odelga, 69
  • Ida Orr, 58
  • Thomas Amos Short, 81
  • Peter Paul Starcovich, 67
  • Perry Stevens, 55
  • Sawka Trubolis, 65
  • John West, 51

5 responses to “Full List of Donora Smog Victims”

  1. Shirley long Avatar
    Shirley long

    My grandma Gnora

    1. andymcphee Avatar

      Hi, Shirley, hope all is well. I’ve already spoken with Carol Ochadleus and GT, so I’d be delighted to speak with you about your grandma. Let me know.

  2. Shirley long Avatar
    Shirley long

    I was only 2. But don’t remember other than was I was yold

    1. andymcphee Avatar

      That’s okay. Might you have any photos of your grandmother? Or diaries she kept?

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