I Have a Publisher!

I Have a Publisher!


Yay! University of Pittsburgh Press has agreed to publish Donora Death Fog: Clean Air and the Tragedy of a Pennsylvania Mill Town! I am absolutely thrilled that Sandy Crooms, Editorial Director at UPitt Press, and I will be working together to bring the book to fruition. Sandy came to UPitt from Ohio State University Press in 2013 and now not only directs the acquisitions department but also signs in environmental studies, urban history, and African American history.

UPitt Press is considered a leader in books on the environment and has published such titles as Explorations In Environmental History, by Samuel P. Hays; Listening To The Sea: The Politics of Improving Environmental Protection, by Robert Jay Wilder; and the 2018 Drue Heinz Literature Prize–winning The Dogs of Detroit, by Brad Felver.

I am delighted and honored to join this prestigious university press. Now, to write the book!

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