Where I’ve Been and Where I Probably Will Never Go

Where I’ve Been and Where I Probably Will Never Go

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The map above shows all the states I’ve visited for one reason or another. Most of the reasons involved healthcare conferences I attended or exhibited at.

In those states I had my favorite cities…

  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Charlotte
  • Portland
  • Seattle
  • Louisville
  • Alexandria
  • Boston
  • Breckenridge
  • New Orleans

…and my not so favorite cities:

  • Nashville
  • Las Vegas
  • Dallas
  • Nashville
  • San Antonio
  • Orlando
  • Phoenix
  • Did I say Nashville?

Of the states I haven’t visited yet, there aren’t any I think I’ll someday visit, except for Wyoming, Hawaii and possibly — possibly — Montana. I’d love to visit the national parks in Wyoming, who wouldn’t like to visit Hawaii, and I’ve heard from too many people how beautiful Montana is, though a visit there remains a rather long shot.

Of the rest — Alaska, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama — I have absolutely no desire to visit. None. Nada. Zip. Zed.

Well, maybe Alaska. If I’m forced.

Reasons for not wanting to visit those states:

  • Idaho: Seriously?
  • North or South Dakota: Not enough draw, I guess
  • Nebraska and Kansas: Too much corn. Too flat.
  • Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama: Way too conservative and racist for me, especially Mississippi, which needs to bring itself up to, at least, the 1980s.
Gaylord Opreyland Resort in Nashville.
Or as I call it, Hell on Earth.

I’m sure all of those states are beautiful in their own way, and obviously not everyone who lives in Mississippi, et al, is racist or conservative. It’s just that my overall impression of them doesn’t make me say, I would really like to visit there. No.

Honestly, if I never visit any of those states in my lifetime, it will be just fine with me.

What will most assuredly NOT be fine with me is if I am forced to go to Nashville again. No, that will NOT BE OKAY!

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