Inauguration Day for Donald J. Trump is in three days, and we will watch again as the transition of power from one party to another occurs peacefully and completely in a single day. Quite a remarkable occurrence.An occurrence, in fact, that forms the bedrock of a true democracy. I look forward to that peaceful transition of power this inauguration as I have every one I’ve been old enough to understand.

What I am not as sure of this time is the peaceful transition of hope.

I hope the new president and his team allow themselves to moderate over time, to to take into consideration all segments of society, and to compromise on the small issues so they don’t get in the way of the bigger ones.

I hope the new president and his team can learn to work collaboratively with those who disagree with them.

I hope the new president and his team can find their way through the many foreign policy challenges facing the nation.

I hope above all that the new president and his team really can bring the nation together more than it is now and can provide some kind of hope for us where there is none now.
There are numerous parallels between Andrew Jackson
and Donald Trump. Jackson turned out to be a
horrible president. I hope Trump will do better.

It’s a big job, and I truly hope the new president and his team are up to the task.

Like millions of Americans, I don’t think they are, but I’m willing to give them a chance, and I believe most people are as well.

I hope they use that chance wisely.

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