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Why I Love Golf: Reasons 1 through 7

Funny thing, golf. Four hours or so of ecstasy and agony interspersed with exclamations along the lines of:

  • Dammit!
  • Ooh, that’ll play.
  • What the —?
  • Now that felt good.
  • Oh, come on!

Gotta love the game.

Here are some of my reasons why I’m a golf-adorer.


That feeling when you “pure” it off the tee.


The sound of a long putt clinking into the bottom of the cup.


The process of successfully figuring out why you just pulled the bejeebers out of the ball when you’ve been pushing it all day.


Driving the cart.


Riding in the cart with a friend.


Changing your mind in the woods, when you decide that rather than trying to fly the ball over a wall of oak trees it makes more sense to drill it out under the branches.


The feel of a new cap.

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