What Do You Believe In?

The keynote speaker at a recent conference I attended was Adam L. Saenz, a compelling speaker and author of The Power of a Teacher: Restoring Hope and Well-Being to Change Lives. At one point, the climax of the speech, he told a story about a talk he once had with his newly-adopted daughter and how her job was to follow the rules he set down.
He then asked her what she thought his job was. She said, “To make sure I follow the rules.”
He replied, “No, my darling girl, my job is to lay down my life for you.”
He went on to tell her all the things he believed in about parenting, and it was a heartwarming list indeed.
That discussion got me to thinking about what I believe in. And that thinking got me to writing this post.

I believe in…

  • Love
  • Competence
  • Fairness in all things
  • The healing power of a hug
  • God, but not religion
  • Science and its unanswered questions
  • Traditional medicine
  • The fight against prejudice
  • Teachers who always seek learning
  • Reading what and who you want to read
  • Google over Apple, Chevy over Ford, and gin over vodka
  • Comfort over style
  • Function over form
  • Learning from history
  • Evolution
  • Revolution
  • Absolution
  • Right against might, and
  • The power of words
What about you? What do you believe in?

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Retired educational healthcare publisher, writer, author, and former RN