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“If you’re poor, stop being poor.” Aasif Mandvi closing in a crumble Just so were the words of Todd Wilemon, Managing Director of NYSE Euronext, speaking with The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi March 6, 2014. Aasif, in his brilliantly nonconfrontational way, had just returned from a visit to the “third world” of Knoxville, Kentucky, and […]

The keynote speaker at a recent conference I attended was Adam L. Saenz, a compelling speaker and author of The Power of a Teacher: Restoring Hope and Well-Being to Change Lives. At one point, the climax of the speech, he told a story about a talk he once had with his newly-adopted daughter and how her job […]

Photographer Henry Hargreaves recently put together a series of photos of last meals by famous and infamous murderers, and it got me thinking. If I knew what day I was going to die, what would I want for my last meal? Because I’m not in prison, and because I’m assuming that I won’t be in […]

Would you please tell me what the dinky heck is with all the farting after 60? I’ve always farted, and so have you. We all fart. But since I turned 60, man, the farts just come out no matter what. I used to be able to pretty much control them, to hold them back and […]

If ever I was on The Actor’s Studio, here’s how I might answer Mr. Lipton’s questions. Based, as he says, on Bernard Pivot‘s version of Marcel Proust’s questionnaire. What is your favorite word? Awesome What is your least favorite word? The N word. I hate even to say “the N word.” What turns you on? […]

The Jefferson Memorial stands in quiet grandeur on the south side of the Tidal Basin, well away from Lincoln’s and Washington’s memorials. That distance, 0.896 miles from Jefferson to Lincoln and 0.563 miles from Jefferson to Washington, seems more than appropriate given Jefferson’s complex and exceedingly frustrating personality. The more I read about this particular […]