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Inauguration Day for Donald J. Trump is in three days, and we will watch again as the transition of power from one party to another occurs peacefully and completely in a single day. Quite a remarkable occurrence. An occurrence, in fact, that forms the bedrock of a true democracy. I look forward to that peaceful […]

Hemingway (certainly not McPhee)at work Well, I am semi-officially writing a book. I say “semi-officially” because I’m in the early stages of research and development and I don’t have a publisher yet. I decided first that I did not want to self-publish. I’ve worked in publishing for many years and have gained an enormous amount […]

We’ve had quite a divaricate year, all in all, one with a split personality, one that feels differently to me depending on whether I think about what happened in my personal life or what happened in the nation and the world. Perhaps it is always that way, but 2016 certainly feels different. Personally I had […]

We lost far too much and far too many this past year. We Mourn We mourn so many people who gave so much to all of us: (L. to R, top to bottom) John Glenn, Muhammed Ali, GeneWilder, David Bowie, Gwen Ifill, Leonard Cohen,Toots Thielemans Alan Rickman Alan Thicke David Bowie Gene Wilder Gordie Howe […]