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Lots of big dogs in here today, I thought, as I sat in the waiting room of the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in Leavittown this afternoon. That Bernese mountain dog is huuuge!Two men with a large, black dog, maybe a lab. A woman and her two young children with her cocker spaniel. Only one […]

Our littlest doggie, Georgie, has a detestable little habit of defecating in the dining room. She was a rescue that had been picked off the streets of Philadelphia, which is what we blame this particular nuisance on. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT! Anyway, the dining room is where she poops. Luckily the, um, released elements tend […]

There’s a town along the Monongahela River, just north of the bright yellow Stan “The Man” Musial Bridge, called Donora. The old mill town is famous for being the “Home of Champions,” most prominently the aforementioned baseball legend, plus Ken Griffey, Sr. and his son, Ken Griffey, Jr, who was born in Donora but moved […]

Following up on another post, I’d like to provide some information on when special typographic symbols should be used. Ampersand (&) — Used informally to denote “and” Ampersat (@) — Commonly used in email address but also used informally to denote “at” or, in healthcare, “before” Asterisk (*) — Denotes a footnote; also used to […]

Reprinting a popular post from an old blog of mine.Ever see an odd little symbol and wonder to yourself, Self, what do you suppose that odd little symbol is called? Wonder no more. Here’s a handy little list of odd little typographic symbols and their names.

The Monongahela River meanders from the West Virginia coal country to the middle of Pittsburgh, where it joins the Ohio and Allegheny rivers in a famous confluence called Three Rivers. Along the way the river curls around this hill and that, forming elbows and horseshoes that can make travel between towns along its banks long […]